// punctuated

equilibrium //

a collection of artwork, reflections, and ongoing projects

punctuated equilibrium is a darwinism concept that describes evolution as something that is not linear, but as more of a series of rapid development with periods of quiet in between.


in the same regard, "punctuated equilibrium" parallels my view on life. change happens spontaneously, punctuated with periods of stillness - the silence amplifies the noise; the "being" is just as crucial to the "doing"; negative space allows for emergence.

this website is my portfolio detailing both the profoundness and mundanity of being human from the point of view of Just Another One of Us.


my life mission centers on scaling wonder.

this includes enabling creators and citizen scientists along the way.

i am in the continuous pursuit of Truth, of seeing clearly. to me, this is as much as a philosophical endeavor as it is a scientific one.