I am a creative technologist and mixed media artist-scientist focused primarily on human flourishing x immersive experiences. My work spans generative AI art, animation, game development, HCI prototyping + experimental design-- through these mediums, I explore new ways of storytelling and world-creation.

I also enjoy mixing software and hardware modalities to shorten the feedback loops between research and creation. These days, I’m especially interested in topics related to decentralized science / experimentation and human coordination.

Overall, my life mission centers on scaling wonder and enabling creators and citizen scientists along the way. I am in the continuous pursuit of Truth (with a capital T); to me, this is as much as a philosophical endeavor as it is a scientific one.



I am always working on (probably) too many side projects, but I am currently focused on building akiyaDAO, project renovating abandoned houses in Japan and converting them into flourishing creative communities.

Additionally, I am building art installations, experiences, and prototypes using biosensors, specifically EEGs and neurotech: both digital and physical. I'm actively looking for installation opportunities, especially ones that are focused on immersion + interactivity with biosensors, projection mapping, or mental health education, so please reach out if there's interest!

Finally, I do freelance work as a creative technologist. I span the entire process from ideation to creation / prototyping, and I am currently open for commissions at this time.

Interested in a comprehensive list of all my projects? Here are them all.

I love writing, so feel free to also peruse my thoughts and favorite travel stories. To learn more in transience, follow my stream of consciousness on Twitter at @michellehuang42, and my music on Soundcloud.

What is she working on now?