Punctuated Equilibrium is a Darwinism concept that describes evolution as something that is not linear, but is more of a series of rapid development with periods of quiet in between.

In the same regard, this concept parallels my view on life, as change happens spontaneously, with periods of introspection and reflection that helps make it into something more meaningful – the silence only amplifies the noise; the “being” is just as crucial to the “doing” as negative space is to an artwork. This website, in a way, is my portfolio detailing both the profoundness and mundanity of being human from the point of view of a citizen journalist.



I am a creative coder and interdisciplinary artist-scientist focusing on mixing software and hardware modalities to shorten the feedback loops between research and creation through immersive storytelling.

These days, I’m especially interested in exploring how web3 allows for progression in decentralized experimentation through citizen science.

Overall, my life mission centers on scaling wonder and enabling creators and citizen scientists along the way. I am in the continuous pursuit of Truth (with a capital T), and hope to leverage these discoveries to promote human flourishing and decrease suffering as much as we collectively can. To me, this is as much as a philosophical endeavor as it is a scientific one.

I am currently exploring a variety of digiphysical projects related to neurotech x art, sustainable fashion, and japanese ecovillages. Interested in a comprehensive list of all my projects? Here are them all.

I love writing, so feel free to also peruse my thoughts and favorite travel stories. To learn more in transience, follow my stream of consciousness on Twitter at @michellehuang42, and my music on Soundcloud.

What is she working on now?