Browse my previous work here: they range from neurotech x art projects, art installations, iOS apps, to motion graphic design

Creating a digi-physical sustainable fashion product as a conceptual / experimental series, with an NFT component

Raised $50k+ through NFT sales of a charity project for Ukraine (NFT lead + artist), with 100% of proceeds donated

Programming drones for LED light shows


Co-founding an investment non-profit / DAO with the goal of defining a set of design principles around neurotech advancements

Building a biosensor x art platform to democratize expression and scale psychosomatic research

Working through a self-designed neuroscience curriculum


✰ Starting AkiyaDAO, a japanese ecovillage project funded by an international community of climate-conscious builders, artists and solarpunks

✰ Building a network for decentralized autonomous farms: Plant Nation, allowing decentralized food computers to experiment and learn from each other


Writing a manifesto / call to citizen scientists

Crafting an empathy curriculum to pitch to micro-schools

Writing poetry and a science fiction novel (to be published on this blog)


Producing music on Soundcloud

Making meditation tracks

Working with a sound therapist in Japan to create an intersensory art installation around improving mental health in Asia


Working on an experimental food art pop up experience

Exploring the inner world: lucid dreaming, hypnotherapy, various meditation practices (metta / vipassana / Shinzen Young), psychology research (Jungian / transpersonal / descriptive)

Becoming a child again — always

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My past work includes neurotechnology x art projects, DIY hacks, graphic design, and more