Building mental mirrors for the world around us

As our identities become increasingly woven with modern-day technology, we can educate ourselves on our own mental health via art and play. By increasing awareness of the unconscious mind, through reflections of the changing world back at us, comes greater allowance for us to preserve our agency and human sovereignty, and ultimately create our own connected realities.


I use EEGs to shorten the feedback loops between research and creation through immersive storytelling.

I'm interested in researching how to better represent the "unseen" internal experiences in the external world (objects in virtual or physical reality) so they can be more readily perceived and shared among others as a common language.

This category of research could pave the way for technology in assisting us in greater connection and collective empathy.

I believe neurotechnology will act as a "seeing tool" to understand mental health in the same way that microscopes have been used for biology. It has the ability to help us understand the human psyche --and therefore our own humanity-- in ways we haven't before, especially as it relates to digital measurement in neuroscience and consciousness research.


Real-life mood lighting

I created a "thought cube" — an art piece that makes more obvious the link between internal states of mind and the external world.

This cube, which changes based on mental state, represents how much the perception of physical reality warps based on more liminal thoughts and emotions.

Created by programming LEDs to pulse blue when I am relaxed (capturing specific brainwave states streamed via an EEG that I am wearing).


Distorting virtual objects with brainwaves

This is an exploration in the interplay between virtual and physical: manipulating digital objects with physical sensations and emotions.

Created by streaming brainwaves captured from EEG via OSC to my Max software. I process my brainwaves in real-time, so that the more relaxed my state, the faster the object distortions become.