My work has been featured on Business Insider, NPR, Vox Media (Now This), ABC, CNET, The Independent, BBC, and more.
See below for a showcase of my work: art projects, experiments, and analyses.

Portfolio Highlights

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Building Mental Mirrors

I use EEGs to shorten the feedback loops between research and creation through immersive storytelling

My past work includes a "thought cube" which changes color based on mental state, as well as EEG-assisted telekinesis, where degree of relaxation changes the speed at which virtual objects distort.

Currently, I am working on some VR game development that utilizes neurofeedback.


Building a Neuron-inspired Intersensory Dome

With a few amazing artists at Burning Man, we created an audio-visual-tactile experience featuring suspended wire LED neuron-like art sculptures, and a rumbling bass / massage floor synced to audio — to create an immersive experience to simulate as if you were inside a brain.



City Views | Cinema 4D

See my 30-day Render Challenge Twitter thread here.


Nameplay with Illustrator

A sampling of my graphic design work in Adobe Illustrator - this includes different renditions and styles of my name, as well as other typography effects.

Coding and Hackathon Projects


Orb Meditation
iOS Development

I built an iPhone app that allows users to visualize the progress of their meditation.

Developed in UIKit (Swift), and using Core Data as the database framework, the app is currently in beta and will eventually integrate with HealthKit and Muse to collect additional data types, including EEG to allow people better understand the nuance of their meditation.

More about the project and my process here.

Plant Nation
Food Computer / Autonomous Farm

Inspired by MIT Media Lab's OpenAg initiative, I built a food computer to control and monitor climate, energy, and plant growth.

Visit the project website here.

I experimented with growing plants in a hydroponic setup, and donated my excess microgreens to restaurants in NYC (including one with a Michelin star). As a hobbyist in this field, I was interviewed by the NY Post on the future of food research.


Antarctica Bot
HampHacks (1st place)

We built a semi-autonomous bot that spatially maps ice crevices in rendered 3-D images using point clouds (Project Tango) and obstacle detection (infrared light, Arduino Uno).

More about our project here.

Project Scarlett
United Nations Unite for Humanity Hackathon (1st place)

We utilized Watson analytic services on IBM Bluemix to assist in building an AI prototype for counter-terrorism efforts.

Ultima Smart Systems has secured two launch partner contracts under NDA with tier-one mobile device OEMs and will be launching a defense tech lab unit starting with components from this project.

Bitcamp (Winner)

Our team built a Chrome extension to help dyslexic people keep track of where they reading on the page.

We incorporated pupil classification with OpenCV, creating an effective machine learning algorithm to track eye movement.

More about our project here.


Our team built a prototype of an app that takes in medical information from a medical report, and translates that to an easy-to-understand interface.

We scraped public data from medical encyclopedias to also provide a list of symptom and diagnosis tools, as well as advice on how the patient can change his or her lifestyle to mitigate the possibility of at-risk diseases. We also included an interactive, 3-D model of the organ that is at risk.

More about our project here.

RU Trash
HackRU (Winner)

Our team built a self-moving trashcan that tracks ballistic trajectories to get the trash in the bin. We used an Intel Edison and Arduino to control the robot trashcan. A python script using OpenCV calculates the trajectory in a prediction system to determine the forward moving path of the ball.

More about our project here.


Neon Lights

A fun project that incorporates both hardware / electronics practice, as well as a more traditional art medium of watercolor.

The juxtaposition of analog and digital in one piece allows for a more interpretive and modern twist on more familiar styles.


Data Analyses, Modeling and Forecasting

My work includes data analysis and visualization, modeling outcomes and forecasting, and creating / designing research experiments and surveys.